Zoho Review: The Best CRM Tool For Small Businesses

Here in this post we have come with a review on a website named Zoho. Well, I would say this website is awesome to work with. You can work on with anything that you want online. Zoho provides the best place for online services. Zoho is the best web service which provides a great amount of features and functions with providing a huge amount of services at a time. This website is the best web service provider now. Furthermore if you see this web service can publish documents and can publish various spread sheets at a time to any respective blog or any website. This website has become one of the best web service provider nowadays. Let us take a closer look on this web service provider.

Sharing Work:

As I mentioned above that Zoho is the best online CRM tool which provides you a wide range of services for your online work. You must have seen that there are many Google apps which provides the sharing of documents and which are much better than any other websites as Google apps provides the best collaborations to share and make it simple. But with Zoho you can get a good and greater flexibility in comparison with Google apps and office 365. Microsoft office 365 also offers the same quality framework but Zoho provides much greater than Google apps and office 365. Zoho accepts Microsoft word 2003 formats but it doesn’t accept formats with Microsoft word 2007. Zoho can export the respective documents in many formats, the following formats are word 2003, PDF format, HTML and text and open format document. And when you edit a file then the program uses old HTML text format. But as if said this is the best web service provider nowadays. As it collaborates with sign in through Google, Facebook and Zoho. From Zoho you can share your documents to any email address that’s why it is compared the best between office 365 and Google apps.


Zoho provides you 1 GB storage for the users and if you want to increase you online storage limit than you will have pay $3 for per month. And for uploading your emails it provides only 10MB limit but with this you can face some problems if you have a mail filled with photos and files.


As I mentioned above there are two plans which you can adopt the first one is for $3 per user per month and the other one is for $5 where you can share your docs with other users or who don’t have an Zoho account, you can easily share document with them if you adopt this plan for just $5 for a month.

As I told you that it is the best service for sharing your documents and editing your stuff. This is the best place where can get the best tools to edit and work with ease.

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