WordPress Optimization Tips to Improve Speed and Search Engine Performance

WordPress is a platform that has helped many bloggers to achieve a presence on the internet, regardless of how small or how big. However, a WordPress blog does not always perform at its optimum and there are many issues that could cause this. If you want an improved performance of your WordPress website, or want a better search engine performance, here are a few WordPress optimization tips that can get you started.
wordpress optimization tips

Improving Speed:

For speed optimization, make sure your hosting services allows for fast page loading. Depending on the needs of your blog, avoid shared hosting as it will deprive your website of much needed speed. If at all possible, get a local host as proximity to the server does impact the amount of load time. The nature of the hosting services you get will be very important and that’s why this is emphasized. Usually, a dedicated server, or a virtual private server will suffice. Other things you can do to try and improve the speed are to ascertain that all the plug-ins are working well. If there are those that you do not need, make sure they are deleted. Your chosen theme will also have some influence on the speed. To check if the theme is causing some unprecedented delays, switch to the default theme and see if there are any speed changes.

Even More Tips:

Ensure the images you use are compressed so that their file size is reduced. Also combine your CSS files into one file as well as your JS files. Even your JavaScript should be combined into one big file. Also avoid having too many posts on the homepage. It will drastically reduce the number of database queries that have to be made, and that will have a positive effect. The smaller the page sizes the better.

For Better Search Engine Visibility:

To optimize your WordPress website for better search engine performance, you should create commanding content. It should be readable, and not keyword stuffed. Even when you want to maintain visibility with search engines, your text should not be written for them- at least not primarily. Ensure you have a predetermined frequency of making posts, so that your readers are entertained to something every time they visit your website.
Search Engine Visibility
Have a sitemap as this will be indispensable. It should be in XML format as well. Your use of multimedia graphics should also be kept at a minimum. The use of flash should especially be minimized, as it is not visible to search engines. Select your themes appropriately. Ideally, the one you select should be fast performing.

Make sure you update when the latest WordPress release is made. This is important to make sure that your blog stays current and its performance is continually improved. Make sure your database stays optimized. You can do this, and should you need to repair it, you can do so from myPHPAdmin.
These are some of the tips that have been tried and tested, and have proven functional when it comes to WordPress optimization. They lack technicality which means they are easy to apply.

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