WordPress Dangers! Take Care

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems in the world today. Considering this, many people choose to opt for it. This is why it is important to know its nuances. This article aims at helping people protect their site by informing them about the various problems associated with WordPress.

WordPress is a much loved content management system. People all over the world enjoy using WordPress website design because of its simplicity and ease of access. It has enabled people with little or no technical knowledge to create the best websites to hone their business possibilities.

Wordpress Dangers! Take Care

That being said, it has ensured that more and more people use WordPress regularly. I’d bet that most of the world’s blogs today are based on WordPress, and why not? However, with its popularity, its risk too has been growing at an unprecedented rate.

There are a few things that you must take care of when you choose to go the WordPress way.

WordPress is vulnerable to attacks and URL hacking:
The WordPress platform performs server-side scripts in the PHP web development language. It uses commands sent via certain URL parameters to regulate the behaviour of the MySQL databases that are responsible for the storage of your site’s data.

Alright, I do know this sounds slightly technical. Let me put it this way. It is not important to know web coding in order to safeguard your website. All you need to know is that a WordPress site is particularly susceptible to certain specific kinds of security threats.

Hackers usually use malevolent URL Parameters to disclose sensitive information of your database content thereby making it easy for them to take over. This process is known as SQL Injection Attacks. Once your hacker has successfully carried out the SQL Injection Attack, they can easily take control of your site and switch it with spam and other malware.

There is an .htaccess file. If you modify that, you can protect your website from such nefarious elements. This is basically a configuration file that enables you to adjust the way your hosting server performs.

Free themes can be very harmful:
Not really. I don’t mean that free themes are particularly created to harm the website. However, free themes often are the ones with glaring security breaches. Basically, the people who create free templates and themes are doing voluntary work, so you can’t really expect them to fortify it for you.

This is why you must ensure that you have a WordPress developer go through your site at least once in order to ascertain that it has the necessary requisites in order to keep your site safe from any malware from outside.

That was for the harmless ones. However, there are also many WordPress themes in effect that are essentially created with the sole objective of spreading spam. So, whenever you download any theme, make doubly sure that your theme is one hundred per cent genuine and will not create trouble once activated.

WordPress has a very easy to hack default login process:
All the dashboard logins of WordPress are essentially located at the same address file across all the URLs. This means that nearly each and every WordPress Login page can be found here. Also, the basic design of the WordPress’s default login is not very security oriented, so to speak.

So, anyone who is determined to break into your site can do it with very little effort. If someone sets a bot search program which can keep on trying various log in combinations until the right one strikes the chord and unlocks the treasure. The moment this happens, your site will lie in their hands to manipulate the way they want to.

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