The 3 Best Call Blocking Andriod Apps

Few days before one of my cousin called me and she said her problem that she is getting some abusing calls from some fake numbers and she is unable to locate them. She has an android mobile and she asked me to suggest me a good app to block calls. Immediately I went for a search on Google and within no time I found many apps which can be used for call or messages blocking. I downloaded many of such apps on to my mobile for testing them many of them failed to reach my requirements and i found few apps which really helped my sister later for blocking calls and messages from getting disturbed. Here is the list of the Top 3 Call blocking apps for android.


This amazing app occupies the prior place in all the android call blocking apps. Features of it are mind boggling and user friendly too .It is a powerful call and sms blocker. The average rating of it is 4.4 in the android market. And about 40,000 + users have rated it with five stars.

Special features:
1. Gives you both delivery and read reports of your messages
2. Blocking of texts and also calls from a particular person or a set of people or from everyone.
3. You can block by just giving a prefix of the message or the no of the mobile. Say for ex: block all the calls starting with 987 etc.
4. One very special feature is you can send free messages to mobiles having this app throughout the globe.
5. This app gives the caller-id and the owner of any number even if the person is not in your contact list.

2. Call control-Call blocker:

The call control-Call blocker app is one of the easiest and leading blocking apps in the android market which is being used by several users today. It is being rated 4.4 in the android store and the usage is increasing day by day. About 17,000 users rated it with 5 stars.

Special features:
1. Easy to use and extremely flexible.
2. Call waiting blocking is one of the prominent features.
3. You can read the blocked texts and even can see the blocked calls too.
4. Can get rid of the adds which make us free from all the annoyance and hence this app can be named as “add-free app”.
5. It blocks around thousands of calls and texts.
6. Can block calls not just from the unknown numbers but also by means of the area codes.

3. Call Blocker:

One of the leading blocking app call blocker which is being rated 4.3 in the android store is rocking with its unique features. It supports multiple languages like French, German, English, Chinese, Portugal, Spanish etc.

Special features:
1. Backup is provided for all your contacts. So that you can never lose any of them.
2. Transfer of the contacts that are in the back up to another mobile is made easier by this app.
3. Call and text history is easily erasable.
4. One stunning feature is that if any person want to explore the password it show the fake password and make the situation ambiguous

Changing the mobile number or going legally by a Police complaint will not solve the problem at all. If you use the apps provided above you can really make use of them to block unwanted calls. These apps can also be useful to you in many cases where you want to escape from the calls of friends, relatives…Etc who seems to be annoying for you.
Hope This Post will solve your problem. If not just comment below with your requirement so that we can suggest you some good apps.

Author Bio: Sai Charan is a freelancer and part time blogger who loves to write articles on ethical hacking, Android, Blogging, SEO, PC tricks and lot more tech stuff. Now he is active contributor at TechnoMotoSport.

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