How To Prevent Spyware from Attacking your PC

When you are using internet on your PC, your PC is open to many risks and viruses. One of those risks is the Spyware. Spyware, when attacks your PC, gathers information regarding your activities and the information is sent to the creator of the spyware. All in all, Spyware is a very dangerous virus so you have to be sure that you try your best to keep your PC away from Spyware. In this post, we will discuss a few ways which can help you to prevent Spyware from attacking your PC.

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Use Only Trusted and Reputed Anti-Virus Software
When you select Anti-Virus software which you will be using for long term, you need to choose the one which you can trust. You can ask for reviews from your friends or users using the forums or of course, Facebook Groups. Either way, try to get as much feedback as you can before selecting the Anti-Virus software. Also, try to keep your options limited to reputed brands only unless there is a great amount of appreciation for a less popular brand. I recommend BitDefender, KasperSky or AVG.

Don’t Download Software from Untrusted Sources
This is one mistake which majority of the people do. If they need any software, they download it from anywhere where they can get it. This is a huge mistake and many people take advantage of this mistake and add a virus with the file which you download which leads to your computer getting affected by Spyware and well, that is exactly what you don’t want. Take a little time and jot down a number of sites which are safe for downloading stuff and try to download stuff from those sites only.

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Keep Firewall Enabled
Firewall prevents any malicious software to install itself on the computer which in turn prevents any spyware to be installed on your PC. Firewall is a great feature and should be properly used which will result in better results.

Avoid Clicking on Pop-Up Ads
Pop-Up ads are sometimes used to attack a person’s PC. Since Pop-Up ads are too annoying and when a lot of Pop-Up ads get opened at once, it is again too annoying for a person to close all of them again and again. When you are closing a lot of time one after the other, make sure that you don’t click any one of them. Actually, you should try to block the Pop-Up ads. Some browsers have it as a default feature but if your browser does not have that feature, you can download an add-on and block the pop-up ads.

Author Bio: This post is written by Ilya Elbert who provides computer repair services.

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