Be One of Three People to Win a WordPress Theme from ThemeFuse

Good news! The superstars over at ThemeFuse have decided to give away 3 premium WordPress themes licenses to three of our fans.

If you have a blog or website, you’re probably already using WordPress. But that doesn’t mean you’re taking advantage of it by using a premium theme. Fortunately, three of our fans will get to peruse every theme ThemeFuse has ever made, pick the one they love the most and download it. Best of all, they’ll get this privilege free of charge.

Win a WordPress Theme from ThemeFuse

How ThemeFuse can make all the difference on your site:

When it comes to WordPress theme creators, ThemeFuse is in a class all our own. Websites that lack great themes don’t stand much of a chance. That’s why ThemeFuse specializes in making the kind that make jaws drop. Of course, your theme isn’t worth much if it’s not user friendly. But don’t worry, ThemeFuse puts in equal time making sure it’s as well designed as it is good-looking.

ThemeFuse recently partnered with an established hosting company to make starting a website even easier. Their product offers hosting paired with a free domain. If that wasn’t enough of a value, they’ll even handle the setup and installs on your behalf, free of charge. You’ve put off having your own website long enough. This new product can guarantee one within a matter of minutes. Find out more about this brand new product.

Check out these amazing examples of WordPress templates that have come from ThemeFuse:

Metro Vibes – Metro WordPress Theme

This chic WordPress theme is designed for a creative agency or portfolio showcase that needs a modern look.

Metro WordPress Theme

NewsSetter – News WordPress Theme

If your website or blog is all about technology, this is a great theme to match. It’s simple and crisp, but not lacking in character.

News WordPress Theme

MobilityApp – Mobile WordPress Theme

Developers specializing in smartphones will love this WordPress theme. It’s perfect for promoting your iPad, iPhone or Android products.

Mobile WordPress Theme

Envision – Business WordPress Theme

Here’s one you don’t see every day. ThemeFuse constructed this theme with shortcodes, 5 different sliders and a ton of other fantastic features that will help your site stand out.

Business WordPress Theme

Welcome Inn – Hotel WordPress Theme

Does your WordPress site need a hotel oriented theme? ThemeFuse thought so. Try this one, which comes in ski resort or spa options.

Hotel WordPress Theme

No matter what the reason, you know you want a great looking theme for your website. So don’t wait a second longer! Enter the giveaway today and take a big step towards a website that will leave your visitors in awe.

We are happy to be handing out 3 vouchers. To enter, simply choose one of the following methods:

Hurry though! In just one week we’ll be posting the names of the winners right here.

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