Identify Danger With Advanced Security

Today security technology has enabled people to detect possible security threats like never before. The ability to identify danger on the other side of a wall or in a shipping container is more important than ever. Today huge crowds drawn to sporting events pose a very serious security risk, but technology has been developed to meet this challenge.

X-Ray Truck
Used during the most recent Super Bowl, the X-Ray truck is a mobile X-Ray machine that is designed to go alongside other trucks and see what is inside them. It has been made to make phot-like X-Ray inspections that will show security threats such as explosives, plastic weapons, drugs and more. It can also identify radioactive threats as well as locate gamma and neutrons, which could be an indication of a dirty bomb or other WMDs.

Swiveloc Manhole covers
During an explosion at a sporting event the last thing you would want to have is sewer lids falling out of the sky and onto crowds of people. There are now manhole covers made out of a military grade stainless steel alloy that can prevent this from happening. They are put in place with a bolt that’s been designed to endure 12,000 pounds of force without moving.

Counterfeit ticket detection
During the most recent Super Bowl the tickets used included laser cut-outs, holograms and ink that changed color with the temperature. They are designed to work with special handheld scanners that can easily detect a fake ticket.

It’s not just at sporting events where security technology has made great advancements. In the world of home security the technology used has moved far beyond the mere house alarm.

Biometric Fingerprint Readers
Now there is no need to worry about someone finding the house key hidden outside or leaning the code to deactivate a home security system. Today homeowners can get custom biometric fingerprint readers installed in their home. These readers can be made to match the decor of any residence. They can be put on safes, gun cabinets and even to keep certain rooms securely locked. They can be programmed to only permit designated people access to a home or certain rooms during specific days and times.

Virtual Fence
This is the exact type of security technology that is used at prisons and nuclear sites. Sensor cables are installed beneath the ground surrounding a home. It is used in conjunction with a television camera and it enables the homeowner to monitor the perimeter and be notified if anyone crosses it. There is also an option to purchase software that will send a text to both the homeowner and police if there is a breach of the perimeter.

Thermal Imagers
Is there a possibility that a person’s home has unwanted surveillance equipment in it? Not only is this possible but happens more often than people realize. A high resolution thermal imager is able to discover the location of hidden surveillance equipment in a home or at an office. Electronic surveillance equipment usually works by sending out infrared radiation which is heat. This radiation can be identified with an extremely sensitive thermal imaging device.

Micro GPS Tracker
These devices have been made so they are able to attach to any item of clothing as well as shoes or collars. They can be placed into backpack and provide information to anyone who wants to know where their child or pet is located at any given time. It is designed to give all the necessary geo-positional information when requested. The location information can be sent directly to a parent or pet owner’s cell phone.

Door Stop Alarm
This is perfect for people who travel and stay in hotels or college students who live in a dorm or people who live in an apartment. It also works well for people who want to use it with their bedroom door, so they can feel safe when they sleep. While other security devices will inform a person when someone has entered their home, this has been designed to both sound an alarm as well as prevent unwanted intruders from gaining access into a room.

Its understood that the criminals of today are becoming more sophisticated. It’s good to know that security technology is being developed at a pace that can handle all the increasing security threats of today.

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