Comparision between Android & iOS

There are many people who only ever stick with one phone manufacturer, never stopping to see if the competition out there would be better suited for them. This is often a complaint against people who buy the iPhone’s yearly updates without stopping to think. There are many fantastic smartphones being produced with different feature sets that might just suit you better, so let’s have a look at the iPhone and one of its leading competitors.
Android Vs iOS
It’s easy to see why so many people love Apple’s iPhone. It is an easy to use device and a popular choice for tech geeks and newbies alike. The iPhone 5 doesn’t differ greatly from previous models in terms of appearance however it does have some nice additions. The main changes from the last model are a larger screen, new 4G capabilities and faster usage due to a new A6 processor chip. These all help to improve what people love about the iPhone already; it’s fast responsive and intuitive programs. With LTE support the phone will now be able to download and upload data at a much faster rate, so if you are downloading video, music or games you will see a much improved speed. This is why many gamers have adopted the iPhone as their new device. Those who like to play at online casinos on sites like can now do so via the browser, as well as apps, with a much faster response that makes the thrill of the game so much more.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is the most fully featured phone Samsung have ever made. It is an Android operated phone with an impressive CPU and screen. Android, just like iOS on the iPhone, is easy to use although many people find that the phone can be customized to be much more to their liking than with the iPhone. As well as this there are many Android only features available such as Google Maps with turn by turn navigation that is free for all Android users. The main attraction to the top of the range phones however, is the increased CPU which makes the phone much faster and more responsive. Samsung has long been a favorite for gamers with the large screens and bright displays. This will only continue as technology makes gaming much easier to enjoy.

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