Apple 13 inch MacBook Pro Review

Recently, Apple introduced its all- new Retina Display 13 inch MacBook Pro that proposes an ample of upgrades over the older composition. The new 13 inch Retina Display MacBook Pro accompanies a lot of fresh and amazing features.
Apple 13 inch MacBook Pro Review


Just a couple of months after the release of 15 inch MacBook Pro, Apple brings the new 13 inch MacBook Pro that shares many of the same characteristics of the former laptop including a modernized and sleek body and amusing screen. The new Apple MacBook Pro supports high resolution screen of 2560- by- 1600, impressive keyboard and slimmer frame. The laptop is regarded as the 2nd highest resolution laptop after the introduction of 15 inch MacBook Pro.

Design and Build:

The 13 inch Apple MacBook Pro is slim and stylish with sharp body design. The laptop measures 0.64 inches thin and weighs approximately 1.63 Kg. The laptop is almost 20% thinner than the former 15 inch Macbook Pro. There are no panel lines in the body design except on the base for the panel that wraps the internals. The MacBook Pro comes with a single piece glass multi-touch trackpad and aluminium matte finish.

The Apple 13 inch MacBook Pro is solid, measuring 8.62inches long and 12.35inches wide, which is comparatively thinner and lighter than the previous MacBook Pro. The laptop build is exemplary with sturdy and definite unibody framework.


The 13 inch Retina Display MacBook Pro supports a high resolution of 2560- by- 1600 pixel Retina Display made out of 13 inch IPS panel. The Apple MacBook Pro runs 2.5 Intel Core Duo i5 processor with turbo- boost up to 3.1 GHz, 128 GB hard disk drive and 2GB SD RAM. The unique selling point of the laptop is the Retina Display system. The MacBook Pro supports 8 GB of memory and 256 GB flash drive storage. The laptop uses integrated Intel HD Graphic 4000 chip in addition to HD camera, Wi-Fi support, better quality speakers and dual mics.


The 13 inch MacBook Pro comes with two USB ports including one mini- display port, FireWire 800 and LAN. The laptop has a new SD card slot and a headphone jack as well. The most distinguished feature is the battery gauge framed on the side of the MacBook Pro. It lights up eight LED’s that shows the charge level of the laptop’s battery. The MacBook Pro remains up to date with the help of Power Nap feature and it is extremely responsive laptop.

When the MacBook is plugged in, the Power Nap features enlivens contacts, calendar and photo stream. The Apple MacBook Pro transmits OS X Mountain Lion that enhances many supportive features of the laptop.


The 13 inch Macbook Pro is an outstanding device that supports 1080P HD video decoding. The laptop has a 74 watt battery. After tests, it is concluded that the battery life can survive for nearly 7 hours.

Verdict and Price:

The Apple 13 inch MacBook Pro is the perfect computing device for users. It works immensely and is small enough to carry. The new Apple 13 inch MacBook Pro is a refreshing and sturdy product. Overall, it is one of the most demanded laptop.

This 13 inch MacBook Pro is now available in market for approximately $1699.

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