7 Great New Features On The IPhone 5

You will find many people who are happy to have upgraded to the iPhone 5. There are many new features that you are going to love. A few of these new features are a part of iOS6. The good news is you can install the new version of iOS on an older device. Let’s go over several of the new iPhone 5 features that people are excited about.
iPhone 5
A New Screen That Is Brighter and Larger:
The iPhone 5 comes with a new 4 inch screen. With the added screen real estate you can see more information on your screen. Another improvement that has been made to the screen is increased brightness. The iPhone 5 is 18% brighter than the previous version.

Improved Internet Speed:
With the iPhone 5 comes a LTE wireless connection. This allows you to enjoy faster Internet speeds. You can download files and browse all your favorite websites much faster than before. You will feel like most pages you visit load in the blink of an eye. Another great feature is how Safari will let you save pages for later viewing. This is especially useful when you can only use your phone in offline mode.

More Powerful Speakers:
You will find three microphones and new noise cancelling abilities in the iPhone 5. It also comes with a recently redesigned pair of earphones. The design on these new earphones is much more comfortable. You will notice they slide into your ear very naturally. When you need to put them away you can do so in their own special case.

Power Packed Camera:
The camera on the iPhone 5 will let you take pictures faster and better than before. It’s HDR mode is also greatly improved. You can now take a picture even before you enter your password. That way you will never miss the chance to take a great photo.

Wi-Fi No Longer Needed For FaceTime:
You now have the opportunity to use FaceTime from a cellular connection. In the past you could only use it though Wi-Fi. The days of searching for a Wi-Fi spot to make a call with FaceTime are over! To get this feature with AT&T you need to be signed up to a data share plan. Another advantage of the data share plan is the ability to use your phone as a hotspot for your laptop and other devices.

More Options To Handle Calls:
You have more control than ever before in how incoming calls are handled. You can create a reminder to call someone back if you can’t take the call right away. You can also have a pre created text message be sent when you can’t answer a call.

Better Integration with Facebook and Twitter:
it’s now easier than ever to update your status and post updates with the iPhone 5. There are many apps where you can do this with just a couple clicks.

Apple keeps outdoing themselves with each new iPhone they release. With all these great new features it’s easy to see why they are the leader in the mobile market.

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