5 Reasons To Choose an iPhone as Your Next SmartPhone

There’s a battle out there to know what’s the best Smartphone and cannot deny that there are many choices, from Android devices, to Windows Phone among others, but today we give you 5 reasons to choose iPhone as your next mate every day and which of their features make it the best choice. If you are looking to buy iPhone as your next smartphone, there are many iPhone for sale options for you to choose from.
Reasons To Choose an iPhone

1. Your Operating System:

The iPhone has something that I always liked, updates and operating system, because the updates do not depend on the operators as on Android, Windows Phone and in most current Smartphones. With the iPhone just hours after Apple introduced a new iOS can have it in your hands easily update also adds the closed system, eliminating in most cases viruses, malware and many other things.

2. All in the Cloud:

iCloud is one of the greatest features of the iPhone, with it, you can have all your Apple devices connected, either with an iPad, iPod Touch, Mac, Apple TV and apps like Pages, Keynote and many games. With it you can start a game on one device and finish it on another, and finish editing a document in another and even synchronize all your pictures together. In addition, backups are performed automatically and stored in the cloud and when you buy a new device you can always have your same information, also if you have to restore your iPhone. On the other hand your passwords are also stored and synchronized across all your devices automatically.

3. Applications:

We know that Apple’s App Store is the largest application store in the world and, instead of Android or some other device, is the safest store; you will find a myriad of applications especially for your iPhone, from a lamp to a set of cool. Until June of this year the App Store had more than 800 downloads of apps per second, if you choose a new Smartphone iPhone like you can be sure that if you find anything Apple store you can think of. The business user appreciates EE 4g phones for its ability to keep connected with friends and family via phone and text messaging.

4. Your Assurance System:

Besides ensuring that your iPhone is global, meaning that if you buy your iPhone in the U.S. or in another country, you can claim your warranty in Mexico or where you are, is 100% recommended, as well as assistance free hotline if your iPhone has a manufacturing defect the company will not change, if you were the cause of the problem on your iPhone, Apple also you can repair. Personally, there have been two occasions that the apple company has changed 2 of my devices and all shipping charges and damage at your expense, of course, if you were not the cause of the problem.

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5. Because it’s an iPhone!

No doubt the iPhone has one major drawback, the price, but most high-end Smartphones are priced similarly, also be sure that the iPhone will pay for one of the best products on the market, i.e. you get a product that is worth every dollar you spent and with great quality.

Apple has one of the best qualities that other companies don’t to be perfect forever with the iPhone will have a device that responds when you say it; it does what you want it to do. So if you want a device that works the best, look no further and go buy an iPhone.

In less than a month Apple will unveil their new bets for the mobile phone industry. For the first time since it entered the market the company is expected to show two terminals in the same event: the iPhone 5S for high-end iPhone 5C, considered low cost.

The September 10 seems the date chosen for the new event would be preparing the Cupertino. A year after showing the iPhone 5 in San Francisco, the U.S. giant would ready their new high-end mobile, which would be accompanied by a model to enter and compete in an economic market but do not know to what extent this will be a cell phone cheap.

The iPhone 5S terminal expected to be similar in design compared to its predecessor. While previous between teams like the 4S and 4 minor differences did exist affecting some of its accessories, this time users can change from version 5 to 5S have no problems. In addition to the black and white colors expected something new and to be displayed in other colors like gold.

The terminal screen will be identical to its predecessor, with 4 inches in size and 1136 x 640 pixel resolutions. The only change introduced is the presence of Sharp’s IGZO technology with the advantages of having a lower battery consumption at the same time has a lower production cost. Precisely on the battery life remarkable improvement is expected to come marked by a greater capacity (it is estimated that the increase will be 8%) and performance thanks to the new chip A7. This will have no impact on the aesthetic standpoint and is not expected to increase its thickness mobile.

The latest leaks suggest that will feature a 12 megapixel sensor accompanied by a dual-LED flash to improve the lighting at the time of capture images as well as color saturation and brightness. Also include the ability to shoot in slow motion mode. Finally, and even less possible in this model, it has been speculated by the inclusion of a biometric sensor capable of detecting fingerprints, although most likely see this system in the terminal would come in 2014.

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